Sat 7/13


Gipsy Las Vegas Debuts 'Showcase Saturdays': A Weekly Celebration of Diverse Art Forms

Every Saturday at Gipsy Las Vegas transforms into a celebration of creativity and talent with "Showcase Saturdays." Each week highlights a different artistic discipline, featuring collaborations with renowned partners and offering a unique experience for all attendees.

Second Saturdays: Content Couture Fashion Night biteSiZeD multiMedia and the Haus of Vanguardy
"Content Couture," held on the second Saturday, is a spectacular fashion event produced in collaboration with biteSiZeD multiMedia and the Haus of Vanguardy. The night kicks off with an industry mixer at 7:00 PM, followed by a runway show at 8:30 PM, featuring avant-garde designs from upcoming fashion talents as well as photographers. It's an evening where style meets substance, providing a platform for emerging designers and a fabulous opportunity for attendees to get a glimpse of the next big trends in fashion.



First Saturdays: Departing Dystopia by TSIMECA

Immerse yourself in the ultimate adventure on the first Saturday of every month. If you love sci-fi, post-apocalyptic fiction, dark fantasy and/or identity as rebel, outcast or misfit this is the experience you’ve been waiting for! The Departing Dystopia Saga invites guests to engage in elaborate storylines with a cast of original characters. Each adventure combines dramatic performances with digital art, multi-sensory design, and lyrical music to transport audiences to an alternate reality. It's the perfect opportunity to escape the confines of who you are in this reality. So go ahead…dress up…try on a new character persona. Go wild. Satisfy that inner child. Pretend to be the person you’ve always wanted to be!

Third Saturdays: Fine Art with Robin Slonina and Slonina ArtSpace
On the third Saturday, the focus shifts to the visual arts, curated by Robin Slonina of Slonina ArtSpace. The venue transforms into a pop-up art exhibit, showcasing exceptional works from selected artists. Attendees can view and purchase original artwork, interact with the artists, and enjoy a night dedicated to the beauty and diversity of fine art. This partnership aims to support and highlight local artists, enriching the Las Vegas art scene. This partnership highlights local artists and increases engagement between the local LGBTQ+ and fine arts communities. 

Fourth Saturdays: Showkids Night with Estevan Velasco and Ferly Prado
The final Saturday of each month at Gipsy Las Vegas shines with "Showkids Night," a celebration of dance and performance art curated by Estevan Velasco and Ferly Prado. This evening pays homage to the illustrious Las Vegas Showkids community, featuring a dazzling array of talent from the Las Vegas Strip. Attendees will experience a spectacular mix of contemporary dance and song, showcasing the skills of extraordinary dancers and singers. This night not only highlights the vibrancy and talent of today's performers but also honors the legendary figures and iconic moments that have shaped the entertainment landscape of Las Vegas. It's a night of passion, performance, and tribute to the stars who make Las Vegas sparkle.